Auto Accident Do’s and Don’ts

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The Do’s and Don’ts At The Scene of An Auto Accident - 
Even a “Fender Bender” or “Bumper Thumper”

  Please print this page and keep in your automobile in case of an accident.


NEVER “Make a Deal” for damages.

NEVER leave the scene of even a MINOR accident.

NEVER accept an offer of cash, check or “private” settlement.

NEVER disavow injury to you or your passengers.

NEVER offer to pay ANYTHING even if you think you are at fault.

NEVER administer first aid unless you are LICENSED to do so.

ALWAYS (when conditions permit) move to shoulder or other “SAFE AREA” to prevent further damage.

ALWAYS ask someone to summon police and seek medical assistance. Repeat at 5-minute intervals.

ALWAYS remember the 3 C’s: Remain CALM, COURTEOUS, CONSISTENT in your version of the accident.

ALWAYS obtain complete information from those involved. See below.

ALWAYS complete this report on the scene – not later on.

ALWAYS obtain the names of witnesses including addresses and phone numbers.

ALWAYS notify the owner of the car you are driving as soon as possible.

YOUR VEHICLE- Complete beforehand if possible

License Plate # ____________________________________

Make_______________ Model____________ Year_______

Registration / VIN # ________________________________

Owner’s Name_____________________________________

Driven By_________________________________________

Driver License # ___________________________________



Telephone # (      )__________________________________



License Plate# / State _______________________________

Owner’s Name ____________________________________

Driver’s Name ____________________ Age______________

Registration / VIN # _________________________________

Address ________________________________________

City __________________State __________Zip_________

Home Telephone # (       )____________________________

Work Telephone # (       )____________________________

Insurance Company ________________________________

Policy # _________________________________________

Expiration Date ___________________________________

Damage ________________________________________

OTHER VEHICLE (if applicable)

License Plate # / State _____________________________

Owner’s Name ___________________________________

Driver’s Name ________________________Age_________

Registration / VIN # _______________________________

Address ________________________________________

City___________________State _________Zip _________

Home Telephone # (      ) ___________________________

Work Telephone # (      ) ___________________________

Insurance Company _______________________________

Policy # _______________________________________

Expiration Date __________________________________

Damage _______________________________________


Name _________________________________________

Address _______________________________________

City ___________________State _______Zip ________

Telephone # (      )_______________________________

Name ________________________________________

Address _______________________________________

City __________________State ________Zip ________

Telephone # (      ) ______________________________

Name ________________________________________

Address _______________________________________

City __________________State ________Zip _________

Telephone # (      ) _______________________________


Date _______________Hour _________(AM/PM)_____

Location ______________________________________

Road Condition __________________________________

Police Officer Name ______________________________

Badge #________________________________________

Accident Report # _______________________________

Circumstances __________________________________




Damage to Property of Others _____________________




Name _______________________________________

Address _____________________________________

City __________________State ________Zip _______

Name _______________________________________

Address _____________________________________

City __________________State ________Zip_______

Name ______________________________________

Address ____________________________________

City _________________State ________Zip _______

IMPORTANT Use the diagram below to illustrate the accident.  Your car is “Vehicle A” the other car is “Vehicle B”.  Others are “Vehicle C,D,E”.

1) Note the direction of each car and the direction they were traveling with arrows and compass points (N.S,E,W).

2) Get all information on the other driver(s) requested above.

3) Complete information on your car – see above. 

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